Cali Bags Smell Proof Grinder Case


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    Cali Bags Smell Proof Grinder Case

    Cali Bags Smell Proof Grinder Case
    IPPO 3
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     Smellproof Storage

    The Cali Bags Grinder Case keeps all of your grinder guarded against unwanted intruders and offers a customizable storage solution. Each case has a lockable zipper to keep your stash safe. Cali Bags soft cases have been carefully engineered and fuse all the safe storage benefits together to be damage resistant and smell-proof.


    • 100% Smell Proof – Activated Carbon
    • Weather Resistant Materials
    • Locking Zipper for Maximum Protection
    • Portable, Durable, Padded protection
    • 3in x 3.5in

    Black, Blue, Green, Red, White