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    Do you mind if we grind? Everyone knows that a herb grinder is a necessity if you’re a fan of dry flowers or herbs! One of the best tools to have on hand, whether you’re rolling, smoking a bowl or loading up a vape, a quality grinder will always be the best friend to have when you’re smoking! Don’t lose any of your precious THC and resinous trichomes by hand-busting or using dull scissors – our grinders have razor sharp teeth, ensuring that all that THC never goes to waste and that your material is always consistently grinded! Our three-chamber grinder model contains a section to grind your dry herb, a compartment to catch/store your grinded material and even a specialized “kief catcher” that can sift through pure THC, catching every last molecule and ensuring that you get the most of your herbs! Step up from those dinky buddy grinders and get yourself a branded Green Society Grinder! Every grinder also comes with a tiny “kief spoon” to help sift, collect and load kief for usage.

    SPECIFICATIONS Durable Metal HousingMagnetized Lid

    Stainless Steel “Kief” Screen

    Multiple Storage Compartments

    “Kief Spoon” to load kief

    Green Society Herb Grinder
    Green Society Herb Grinder
    Green Society Herb Grinder
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