Killer Acid Rolling Tray – Head in the Clouds


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    Killer Acid Rolling Tray – Head in the Clouds

    Killer Acid Rolling Tray – Head in the Clouds
    IPPO 3
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    Let’s Get High 

    A proper rolling tray helps your roll, but it does so much more than that. It keeps your tools in one place. Its a place for your glass screen to land instead of the carpet. A tray catches all that bud you drop when you roll up a fat doobie so you can use it again. A quality rolling tray can also tie your smoke setup together, pick a design that goes well with your smoking gear, or just have a giant juicy nug for everyone to see.

    Things can become strange when deep in the throes of a cannabis high, but that’s okay, strange can be good. This tray illustration is full of interesting characters that seem to be on a trip of their own. Give them each a name, make up their story, roll a blunt on them. We love these exclusive illustrations from artist Rob Corradetti a.ka. Killer Acid. Follow him on Instagram @killeracid.


    • Dimensions: 8.5 x 12 in
    • Curved corners
    • Made with durable high-quality Melamine
    • Will probably change your life, in some not insignificant way
    • Artwork by Killer Acid