RAW – Classic Papers 1 1/4″ (50 leaves per pack)


RAW Rolling Papers for Sale

Our selection of RAW rolling papers for sale includes a variety of natural, unrefined hemp rolling papers that take your toke sessions to blazing new heights. Available in a variety of packs, RAW continues to dominate the world of marijuana rolling papers by standing apart as one of the few all-natural, 100% chlorine-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly papers—free of chalks, dyes, and other additives that could affect the taste and burn time of your herb.

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    Hemp paper adds a subtle, deliciously earthy flavour to your herb—making for a super dreamy smoking experience enjoyed by veterans and newbies alike. One smooth hit of flower wrapped in RAW cannabis rolling papers, and it’s easy to see why these remain a cult favourite today.

    A Variety of RAW Rolling Papers for Sale

    RAW rolling papers have been around since 1995. Today, they’ve cemented themselves as a 420 lifestyle brand known and loved by many. Produced in Alcoy, Spain using windmill energy, they’re made of unbleached fibres and natural gum. The thin, almost translucent brown rolling papers feature RAW’s signature patented criss-cross design for a smooth, slow, and even burn.

    For a truly exceptional toking experience, shop our collection of marijuana rolling papers, discreet vape pens, and accessories.

    Why Do We Love RAW?

    Not only does RAW elevate the smoking experience with their cannabis rolling papers, but they also use a portion of their profits to make the world a better place. The RAW Foundation regularly makes contributions that supply food for children in poverty, bring clean water to impoverished countries, fund community outreach programs, and more. We love that by supporting RAW, a portion of the money you spend goes back into their global humanitarian efforts. Spark one up and save the world at the same time? We don’t think it gets much better than that.

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    Blaze it like a 420 icon and enjoy an unparalleled smoking experience so smooth you’ll forget your bud is wrapped in paper at all. Join our rewards program and earn rewards when you shop our RAW rolling papers for sale now.

    Elevate Your Smoke with Raw Rolling Papers

    Shop Raw rolling papers to enhance your next smoking experience. With 50 leaves in the pack, you can set yourself up now to ensure you’re never short of papers. Offering the best rolling papers in Toronto products are trusted for a reason. This classic rolling paper is made using unrefined plants with a natural tree sap gum-line for an authentic, smooth smoking experience. These rolling papers are RAW’S original size. Also known as “Spanish size,” these 1 ¼ papers were the standard smoking paper size starting hundreds of years ago. Go the classic route with Raw today.

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    RAW – Classic Papers
    RAW – Classic Papers
    marijuanamania420RAW – Classic Papers
    marijuanamania420RAW – Classic Papers
    marijuanamania420RAW – Classic Papers
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