RAW Triple Flip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray


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    RAW Triple Flip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray

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    The Ultimate Rolling Tray

    What’s better than two trays? Three rolling trays! All the right sized slots in all the right places. The Raw Triple flip tray has super strong magnets that fix in place securely when in use or when packed up. The beautifully tooled bamboo is a wonderful surface to roll on. You’ll find a convenient home for all your tools, papers and plenty of space to roll on.

    This tray has room for you to do everything you enjoy in your cannabis lifestyle. There is a holder for your grinders and enough room to roll your entire stash up. The rolling tool is a genius design, combining a rolling crutch and a scoop all held magnetically in place on the tray.


    • Dimensions: 10 in x 16 in unfolded
    • Space for grinder, papers, and tools, bud, and ashtray
    • Magnetically opens and closes
    • Finished Bamboo
    • Metal ashtray
    • Magnetic rolling crutch/scoop included